CHILDREN'S church Schedule

AGE - Kindergarten through 5th Grade

    Where = Children's Church room located down the hall from the infant nursery.


                          9AM                  11AM

1st Sunday             Steve A.                       Russ B.

2nd Sunday             Kyle C.                         Cindy S. 

3rd Sunday              Pastor Jamey               Marlene

4th Sunday             Kevin/Kelly M.             Lisa C.

5th Sunday             Stephen D.               Pastor Jamey


                          9AM                 11AM

1st Sunday       Josh T. & Alexa T.            June B. & Sophie W.

2nd Sunday   Nicole T. & Paige R.            Jim R. & Sam B.

3rd Sunday     Carol S. &   Sara B.         Noelle B. & Elizabeth K.

4th Sunday       Pat M. & Steven E.       Emma W. & Hannah K.

5th Sunday      Sara B. &                          Josh T. &

Please see

Pastor Jamey or Stephen Demsich

if you would like to help in

the Children's Church Ministry.

nursery schedules

Please see the Nursery Team Leaders, Rebecca Christensen, Heather Crechiolo, or Genna Vandenabeele if you are interested is serving in our Nursery Ministry.

If you are unable to serve when scheduled, it is imperative that you replace yourself with a trained member so that the ministry is rightly cared for. 

9 am

   Infant/Toddler Room

  • Week 1: Cori T & Jackie C
  • Week 2: Cori T. & Lisa R
  • Week 3: Cori T & Deenie D
  • Week 4: Cori T & Ann Marie
  • Week 5: Cori T. & Shari

11 am

   Infant Room

  • Week 1: Cat B & Heather C
  • Week 2: Jamie M & Kelly M
  • Week 3: Kim M & Rebecca C
  • Week 4: James V & Megan M
  • Week 5: Erika B & Lisa S (Ginger on call)

   Toddler Room

  • Week 1: Jan H & Brandi Y
  • Week 2: June B & Lisa C
  • Week 3: Steve A & Monica J
  • Week 4: Genna V & Nicole T
  • Week 5: Marlene & Steve A (Jay D in the future)